Formed in 2016, we have led an effort to connect the residents of Northwest Cary with local governmental organizations to have our voices heard.


Our Mission

Our community is particularly far in location from our closest local government office (Cary Town Hall) and as such, it is difficult for a lot of our citizens to engage with our local government. Additionally, there are many different governmental organizations that affect our daily lives in different ways. We exist to strengthen our voice in Northwest Cary by engaging citizens on targeted projects in our area, educate our citizens about appropriate opportunities and avenues for engagement, and collaborate effectively and positively with state and local government.

Specifically, we aim to:

1. Inform and educate residents of Northwest Cary about the latest plans and developments in our area and provide the best information about how to meaningfully engage with the appropriate governmental agencies with regard to particular projects.

2. Promote (and sometimes create) community building activities in our area by engaging citizens at various access points including homeowner's associations, social media, and other social networks.

3. Engage and collaborate with our state and local officials, both elected and appointed, as well as our communities, to bring the most pressing needs and opportunities that exist in Northwest Cary to best serve our residents and families.

We hope to achieve the above mission with transparency and a commitment to fully and accurately represent our area well.

Collaborative engagement and communication with our governmental organizations has already led to increased awareness of needs in our area of Cary and has given a voice to residents for whom it is hard to engage our government.
— Nathaniel Greene, Founding Member of NCCC

What We've Achieved

  • Created an engaged community of citizens from several homeowners' associations across Northwest Cary
  • Started a dialogue with Town of Cary officials about needs in our area and prioritization of particular projects
  • Engaged with YMCA and Crosspointe Church about collaboration in advocacy for particular parks and recreation projects
  • Created a website that serves as a "how-to" for citizens of Northwest Cary to engage our various governmental organizations
  • Provided strong public feedback to NCDOT about state funded transportation projects in our area
  • Established a working group that is ready to engage Wake County Public Schools as our area of Cary continues to develop