GoCary Bus Route to Northwest Cary - Public Comment Period Open

Hello everyone,

We are leading an effort to get residents in Northwest Cary to provide feedback to Wake County that we are in need of public transportation service in our area. The closest GoCary currently goes is one route out to High House Crossing on the corner of NC-55 and High House Road. While there are plans to eventually get a route that serves our area, it is currently not planned for several more years. There is momentum growing in our area though that might be able to make this happen sooner and be a part of the 2018-2019 Wake County Work Plan. That's where we need YOUR help.

Please consider writing an e-mail to Wake Transit (info@waketransit.com) and Kelly Blazey (Kelly.Blazey@townofcary.org). We are encouraging people to advocate to provide public transportation that connects the facilities and future facilities in our area (all schools, public parks, USA Baseball, Northwest Cary YMCA, and residential developments (especially those that are 55+). When writing your e-mail, it is helpful to provide personal details about how you would plan to use public transportation once the service comes out to our area. Even if you don't plan to use it, we know that there are residents in our area who would benefit from its use, so it would be helpful for you to advocate on their behalf.

The public comment period closes March 12th. Please consider writing an e-mail! It will take you 5 minutes and it will hopefully result in our neighborhoods being connected to the rest of Cary.