NCDOT Finalizes 2018-2027 STIP (10 Year Plan for Transportation Projects)

The North Carolina Department of Transportation recently finished its recurring 2 year process of updating its 10 year plan on transportation projects across the state. Projects of note for our area are listed below. Note that if a project is planned in the next 5 years, it is set in stone and pretty difficult for the project to be unfunded at that point. If the project is between 5-10 years out, it is likely to be funded in that time frame, but if other higher priorities come up, they can be pushed back further. The list below is not comprehensive, but were projects that were relevant to our immediate vicinity.

O'Kelly Chapel Road/NC-751 Intersection Upgrade/Realignment - 2019
Interstate 40 - Widen Interstate from 15-501 to NC-147 - 2023
NC 147 - Add Lanes from I-40 to I-885 (New East End Connector) - 2022
NC 147 - Add Auxiliary Lanes from Duke Street to Briggs Avenue - 2023
Green Level West - Widen Road from NC 540 to Green Level Church Road - 2028+
New Roadway - Poplar Pike Lane to Little Drive (Behind Parkside Town Commons) - 2019
NC 147 Toll Extension - McCrimmon Parkway to NC 540 - 2023
Morrisvile Parkway Extension/NC 540 Interchange - 2018
Black Creek Greenway - Phases 1, 2, and 5 - 2020

NCDOT will now restart this 2 year process with identifying new projects and go through a new phase of consideration to eventually create the 2020-2029 STIP in 2 years.