FY2018 Town of Cary Budget Adopted, Upcoming CAMPO and DCHCMPO Transportation Project Consideration, Upcoming Quasi-Judicial Meeting in Cary

Hello everyone,

It has been a little more than 2 months since we last posted, and there has been a lot happening in that two month time frame. We as a group have been very successful in advocating for projects in our area! Thank you to all who have helped. Our group is gaining steam and will continue to be a force for understanding and change in our area.

First off, the Town of Cary has officially adopted their Fiscal Year 2018 budget. This budget now includes funding to plan and design Morris Branch Park, Cameron Pond Park, and an extension of the Panther Creek Greenway from the Cameron Pond neighborhood to the future Northwest Cary YMCA. The Town is also going to officially start the planning and design of the Mills Park Community Center. These 4 projects were the main focus of our recent advocacy efforts and we are absolutely thrilled that these projects are now funded! It should also be noted that instead of reviewing the budget annually, the Town has adopted a new budget model where requests and needs can be evaluated quarterly instead of annually to be able to be more flexible. A budget will still have to be approved annually, but this will enable the Town to take action more quickly to certain needs that arise (or conversely, if a need is no longer there, funding can be taken away).

Second, both of our area metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) are currently undergoing project consideration for NCDOT project funding. There are several roadway and bicycle/pedestrian projects up for consideration, some of which we have been advocating for as well. We believe there will be a public comment period at the upcoming CAMPO and DCHCMPO meetings to receive feedback about these projects. We hope to send people to these meetings to provide that feedback.

Third, the developer of a large apartment complex at the corner of NC-55 and O'Kelly Chapel Road is trying to get out of building necessary street improvements along O'Kelly Chapel Road. They will be formally asking for this at an upcoming Town Quasi-Judicial Meeting (which can be hard for the public to give direct input for, given the judicial nature--requires certain expertise and anything you say will be given under testimony and you will be cross-examined by the developer's lawyer). We are organizing an effort to provide feedback to council in the most appropriate for this project.

Lastly, our board meeting in June occurred with the addition of some great local residents. We look forward to continuing to grow and empowering people in our area to get involved and make change. The website calendar has been updated as well as project statuses.