Western Cary Informational Meeting Success!

Thanks everyone for coming out tonight! Stay tuned for the follow up action items from our meeting. I specifically wanted to thank Mia South, Candace Inscoe, Dan Evarrs, and Orly Reznik for helping with tonight's meeting and getting the word out. We had a standing room only crowd and an estimated 300 people in attendance!

Remember to send your questions to the Town to feedback@townofcary.org and put "NW Cary" in the Subject Line. You can reference the meeting tonight. The Town will compile a list of questions and answers and we will circulate them back out.

Because of the success of this meeting, we are looking to plan another meeting in the future. Now that a foundation of what Cary has done in our area and what is on the horizon, we can focus future meetings on shaping our community and utilizing resources in the best way possible. We will be sending out a link to the presentation as well as the slides from the presentation as soon as we get them from the Town.

Lastly, if you have any feedback from the meeting, or what you would like to see in the future, please comment on Facebook, e-mail, or bring your ideas to our monthly board meetings.