November Board Meeting Minutes

Feedback from Schoolboard Meeting:

-    Want to increase size for next WCPSS meeting

-    Need to develop stronger e-mail chain for developments

-    Develop a template for event planning

-    Contact Candace for marketing events in the future


Parks & Recreation Review:

-    Buildings for Cary Parks Rental is McCrimmon and Yates Store Road

-    Cary wants help to learn about which programming to have at new facility

-    Upcoming Meeting in January for Parks and Recreation

    -    Plan parks at Cameron Pond/Morris Branch

    -     Survey about programming in Western Cary

-    Follow up meeting with YMCA/Town of Cary for Greenway to YMCA

-    Need to address bond referendum plans with Town of Cary


Transportation Review:

-    Find out what is happening at O’Kelly Chapel/Green Level Church


Policy Review:

-    Look at District for Cary to only be West of 55 in 2020


Structural Approach:

-    Don’t have to be comprehensive with issues in our area, will aim to provide information about controversial proposals in our area rather than take sides unless there is a clear majority that reflects the entire community of Northwest Cary