January Board Meeting Minutes

Confirm Identity as Organization to Promote Local Government Engagement

    - When rezoning proposals come up, will provide information, but will not take sides


West Cary Cleanup Day

    - Contact Crosspointe Church about Involvement

    - Contact YMCA about Inovlvement

    - Wait to hear from Orly


January 30th Parks Meeting

    - E-mail PTAs

    - Formally create neighborhood contact for each development (Mia)

    - Ask Town of Cary about Amberly Programming and Separate Table

    - Create Table for our Group, NCCC


Weldon Ridge Rezoning Issue

    - Advertise Community Meeting

    - Consider adding page to website


Start Planning Town of Cary Annual Update for May 2018

Town of Cary Parks Planning Meeting - January 30th 5-8 PM - Crosspointe Church Auditorium

Mark your calendars! The Town of Cary is hosting a public meeting on January 30th at Crosspointe Church from 5-8 PM to get ideas for Cameron Pond Park and Morris Branch Park (now referred to by the Town as the park on Carpenter Fire Station Road and the park on McCrimmon Parkway).

Do you want a splash pad? Basketball courts? Baseball fields? Tennis courts? Shaded playgrounds? Dog park? Your input counts! We hope to see you there. Presentations will be formally given at 5:15 PM and at 6:30 PM.

Let's follow up our last meeting that had standing room only turnout with another very well attended meeting. Hope to see you there!

November Board Meeting Minutes

Feedback from Schoolboard Meeting:

-    Want to increase size for next WCPSS meeting

-    Need to develop stronger e-mail chain for developments

-    Develop a template for event planning

-    Contact Candace for marketing events in the future


Parks & Recreation Review:

-    Buildings for Cary Parks Rental is McCrimmon and Yates Store Road

-    Cary wants help to learn about which programming to have at new facility

-    Upcoming Meeting in January for Parks and Recreation

    -    Plan parks at Cameron Pond/Morris Branch

    -     Survey about programming in Western Cary

-    Follow up meeting with YMCA/Town of Cary for Greenway to YMCA

-    Need to address bond referendum plans with Town of Cary


Transportation Review:

-    Find out what is happening at O’Kelly Chapel/Green Level Church


Policy Review:

-    Look at District for Cary to only be West of 55 in 2020


Structural Approach:

-    Don’t have to be comprehensive with issues in our area, will aim to provide information about controversial proposals in our area rather than take sides unless there is a clear majority that reflects the entire community of Northwest Cary

Lindsay Mahaffey Speaks to Northwest Cary About Latest Issues Facing WCPSS

On October 4th, our own Wake County School Board representative, Lindsay Mahaffey, came out to speak with Northwest Cary residents regarding the latest issues facing the district. New schools and rezoning were discussed as well as some of the concepts for how Wake County is planning to manage growth in the future. She also took a lot of questions from residents at the end of her presentation. Click on our Videos page to view the whole thing (our apologies for the sound quality). Thanks for your time Lindsay!

NCDOT Finalizes 2018-2027 STIP (10 Year Plan for Transportation Projects)

The North Carolina Department of Transportation recently finished its recurring 2 year process of updating its 10 year plan on transportation projects across the state. Projects of note for our area are listed below. Note that if a project is planned in the next 5 years, it is set in stone and pretty difficult for the project to be unfunded at that point. If the project is between 5-10 years out, it is likely to be funded in that time frame, but if other higher priorities come up, they can be pushed back further. The list below is not comprehensive, but were projects that were relevant to our immediate vicinity.

O'Kelly Chapel Road/NC-751 Intersection Upgrade/Realignment - 2019
Interstate 40 - Widen Interstate from 15-501 to NC-147 - 2023
NC 147 - Add Lanes from I-40 to I-885 (New East End Connector) - 2022
NC 147 - Add Auxiliary Lanes from Duke Street to Briggs Avenue - 2023
Green Level West - Widen Road from NC 540 to Green Level Church Road - 2028+
New Roadway - Poplar Pike Lane to Little Drive (Behind Parkside Town Commons) - 2019
NC 147 Toll Extension - McCrimmon Parkway to NC 540 - 2023
Morrisvile Parkway Extension/NC 540 Interchange - 2018
Black Creek Greenway - Phases 1, 2, and 5 - 2020

NCDOT will now restart this 2 year process with identifying new projects and go through a new phase of consideration to eventually create the 2020-2029 STIP in 2 years.

FY2018 Town of Cary Budget Adopted, Upcoming CAMPO and DCHCMPO Transportation Project Consideration, Upcoming Quasi-Judicial Meeting in Cary

Hello everyone,

It has been a little more than 2 months since we last posted, and there has been a lot happening in that two month time frame. We as a group have been very successful in advocating for projects in our area! Thank you to all who have helped. Our group is gaining steam and will continue to be a force for understanding and change in our area.

First off, the Town of Cary has officially adopted their Fiscal Year 2018 budget. This budget now includes funding to plan and design Morris Branch Park, Cameron Pond Park, and an extension of the Panther Creek Greenway from the Cameron Pond neighborhood to the future Northwest Cary YMCA. The Town is also going to officially start the planning and design of the Mills Park Community Center. These 4 projects were the main focus of our recent advocacy efforts and we are absolutely thrilled that these projects are now funded! It should also be noted that instead of reviewing the budget annually, the Town has adopted a new budget model where requests and needs can be evaluated quarterly instead of annually to be able to be more flexible. A budget will still have to be approved annually, but this will enable the Town to take action more quickly to certain needs that arise (or conversely, if a need is no longer there, funding can be taken away).

Second, both of our area metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) are currently undergoing project consideration for NCDOT project funding. There are several roadway and bicycle/pedestrian projects up for consideration, some of which we have been advocating for as well. We believe there will be a public comment period at the upcoming CAMPO and DCHCMPO meetings to receive feedback about these projects. We hope to send people to these meetings to provide that feedback.

Third, the developer of a large apartment complex at the corner of NC-55 and O'Kelly Chapel Road is trying to get out of building necessary street improvements along O'Kelly Chapel Road. They will be formally asking for this at an upcoming Town Quasi-Judicial Meeting (which can be hard for the public to give direct input for, given the judicial nature--requires certain expertise and anything you say will be given under testimony and you will be cross-examined by the developer's lawyer). We are organizing an effort to provide feedback to council in the most appropriate for this project.

Lastly, our board meeting in June occurred with the addition of some great local residents. We look forward to continuing to grow and empowering people in our area to get involved and make change. The website calendar has been updated as well as project statuses.

Western Cary Informational Meeting Success!

Thanks everyone for coming out tonight! Stay tuned for the follow up action items from our meeting. I specifically wanted to thank Mia South, Candace Inscoe, Dan Evarrs, and Orly Reznik for helping with tonight's meeting and getting the word out. We had a standing room only crowd and an estimated 300 people in attendance!

Remember to send your questions to the Town to feedback@townofcary.org and put "NW Cary" in the Subject Line. You can reference the meeting tonight. The Town will compile a list of questions and answers and we will circulate them back out.

Because of the success of this meeting, we are looking to plan another meeting in the future. Now that a foundation of what Cary has done in our area and what is on the horizon, we can focus future meetings on shaping our community and utilizing resources in the best way possible. We will be sending out a link to the presentation as well as the slides from the presentation as soon as we get them from the Town.

Lastly, if you have any feedback from the meeting, or what you would like to see in the future, please comment on Facebook, e-mail, or bring your ideas to our monthly board meetings.

March Board Meeting Update and April Calendar Updated

Hello everyone! We had our second monthly board meeting for the Northwest Cary Community Connection last week and are starting to get rolling. We continue to bring in more residents from several different developments are beginning to develop a more formal structure for our organization. We are excited for what the future holds!

The biggest takeaway from our board meeting was to invite our local leaders to come to Northwest Cary to engage in providing the latest updates about Town of Cary developments and facilities in our area as well as being available for questions and discussion about the future of our area. Stay tuned for further details as we iron them out. We hope to line an event up for late April.

There are several important meetings going on in April including a DCHC MPO public hearing for the latest state transportation improvement plan as well as two NCDOT public hearings for the latest draft of the state transportation improvement plan. There continue to be important issues brought up at our town and county level meetings as well, so please engage! We will continue to update the projects that our residents have rallied around on this website as they come.

We also recently got word that the Town of Cary has volunteered funding so that we can improve on a great event that was done last year called "Fest in the West". The CaryCitizen is heading up the organization of this event and probably will take place at the USA Baseball National Training Complex. The idea is to have food trucks, vendors, and bands and serve the families in our area. Stay tuned for more information!

Thanks for visiting! If you have any questions or thoughts, feel free to reach out to me at nate@northwestcary.org. I would love to hear from you and plug you in to our community. Thanks!