Videos and Media

Below are videos that are relevant to our community and organization. Click on the title to enjoy full screen if desired.


Western cary informational meeting, crosspointe church, may 2nd, 2017

Above is our first informational meeting with the Town of Cary on May 2nd. It was packed! It was a great foundational session and will be a great starting point for the future discussions with the Town as we engage and help shape our future. The slides are available for download here. A summary document of questions that came up has also been published by the Town of Cary and is available for download here.

Wake County Public Schools Informational Session, Crosspointe church, October 4th, 2017

The above video is a recap of our informational session with Lindsay Mahaffey, our area school board member. She gave an overall presentation about the latests issues facing Wake County Schools and took lots of questions and answers afterwards. A link to Lindsay's slide set can be found here.

Cary Parks, recreation, and cultural resources gold medal award - 2016

The above is a video about the Town which recently won (on its first try) the National Gold Medal Award for Excellence in Park and Recreation Management. This award is a testament to our citizens that we have a great staff and infrastructure for our future development.