July 2017 Board Meeting Minutes (Cary Park Clubhouse)


1. Engage with the Council and Town Manager quarterly

2. In project specific work associate with NWCary.org. 

- Develop a NWCary.org tagline for the committee to use

Action Items:
1. Get a transportation expert and speakers for quasi judicial hearing on the Apartment building with 204 units proposed - public hearing August 3, Orly and all



  • 6 criteria to be evaluated 
  • push for the developer to address the road improvements needed for O'Kelly Chapel

- Note need to be on the look out for the other parcel behind the apartment
2. Start August 1st asking town about the Carpenter Fire Station Road widening, Rajit

  • Move the project up on the Town's list
  • Prioritize building it correctly to include growth.
  • Request a community steering committee for this project

3. Propose to the Town of Cary the idea of creating a Transportation Advisory Committee, Nate

4. Invite Dana Widmar Town of Cary Special Project to an upcoming meeting, Rajit

5. Plan an educational meeting in late September include a project update, Mia

- Could this include a Town Council Debate too?

- Should we move the educational meeting to the Spring?

6. Continue work with Crosspointe and NW YMCA on the trail from Cameron Pond to NW Cary YMCA, (see attached) Nate and Mia

7. Planning update, Matthew

June 2017 Board Meeting Minutes (Cary Park Clubhouse)

1. Welcomed to new members to our meeting: Matthew Danielson and Rajit Ramkumar.

2. Have started to assign members to individual projects to track progress and best utilize time of all individuals.

3. Identified and reaffirmed O'Kelly Chapel Road Corridor as future area of focus for advocacy for streamlined improvements. Noted upcoming quasi-judicial meeting with developer at Town of Cary. Also noted needs for improvements at Green Level Church Road and O'Kelly Chapel Road. Orly Reznik volunteered to head up the advocacy process for our group. We will be identifying leads for each project moving forward and identify these people on our website.

4. FY2018 Town of Cary Budget confirmed by Town Council with our requests now in the budget! Mills Park Community Center will officially begin planning this next year. Morris Branch Park and Cameron Pond Park are moving forward with an additional extension of the Panther Creek Greenway to the future Cameron Pond Park site (which will also connect to the Northwest Cary YMCA). Planning and initial designs will begin with public input this year. 

5. Rajit Ramkumar gave his details about his extensive background with transportation projects in North Carolina. We will plan on having him a more formal presentation in the future to help us better understand transportation project development at a future meeting.

6. Matthew Danielson also gave a background from a developer perspective (and having been on the Cary Planning and Zoning Board) on how projects get planned and modified (sometimes expectedly) throughout the process.

7. Mia South will be heading up the education focused meeting in the Fall.

8. Process of forming an official non-profit body discussion tabled for the future.

April 2017 Board Meeting Minutes (Cary Park Clubhouse)

1. Define short term goals for our group

  • Define for the next 6 months, such as progress toward the Cameron Pond Park and the Morris Branch Park
  • Define for the next 12 months, such as design of the Mills Park Community Center and bond referendum for Parks

2. Identify steps to influence FY 2018 budget 

3. Create a list of all NW Cary resident who are members of Town Committees

  • Nate Greene, Greenways Committee
  • Dan Evarrs, Parks and Recreation Committee
  • Kate Mazza, Cultural Arts Committee

5. Preparing for the May 2nd Town of Cary Informational meeting

  • Decision to delay the meeting to a 7:00 pm start time
  • NW Cary Project covered on the agenda
  • Nate Greene will give a short presentation about our NWCCC
  • YMCA will do a presentation at the meeting
  • Looking into making paid childcare available and welcoming kids
  • The town is willing to provide light refreshments
  • Create the residential survey for prioritizing NW Cary projects through NextDoor
  • The Town will record the meeting
  • The Town will send the meeting information out through their media contacts
  • NWCCC will Facebook live video the meeting

6.  Communication Plan for the May 2nd Informational Meeting and the NWCCC

  • Send out uniform flyers of the meeting and the NWCCC to:
    • NextDoor
    • West Cary Moms
    • NW Cary Neighborhood Facebook Pages (Cary Park, Cameron Pond, Southbridge, Amberly, Weycroft, Weldon Ridge, Braemore, Sedgfield, Toscona, Copperleaf, Highcroft, Bellewood Manor, Stonewater, Hortons Creek, and others) 
  • Post information on the NWCCC Facebook Pages and the website
  • Send personalized notes to friends - aim for 5
  • Invite friends to attend the May 2nd meeting
  • Post flyers: UNC Wellness, Target, Starbucks, Harris Teeter, Library
  • Send out information through the PTAs at the schools (Mills Park Elementary, Mills Park Middle, Alston Ridge, Highcroft Elementary, Carpenter Elementary, Panther Creek High School, Green Hope Elementary, Green Hope High School)

7. Explore Non-profit status 501c3, Orly Reznick can assist

8. Promotion of Fest in the West, May 21, 2017 at USA Baseball, festinthewest.com

March 2017 Board Meeting Minutes (Hickory Tavern)

- Formalize the structure/ role of the group such as create project leads and/or partner leads among the group (ex. Panther Creek Greenway Project Lead and NC Department of Transportation Partner Lead)

- Have the leads report back to the group monthly

- Distribute agendas a week before the meeting

- Meet the third Monday of the month at Cary Park Clubhouse, 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm.

The main action items are:

- Create Evite's for the meetings

- Offer feedback on www.northwestcary.org (add a meeting minute page)

- Become a partner or ask your friends in surrounding neighborhoods to become partners

- Share pictures you have of NW Cary and your family participating in activities in NW Cary

- Set up a Town of Cary informational meeting on West Cary in April/Early May 2017 at Crosspointe that includes tours/ open house of the new YMCA. Offer childcare at the meeting through the YMCA's Leaders Club or Crosspointe Youth Groups.

- Create a resident survey through NextDoor/or Facebook about how they would prioritize the Town's projects for NW Cary.

The next meeting is scheduled for April 17th, Cary Park Clubhouse at 7:30 pm.


February 2017 Board Meeting Minutes (Hickory Tavern)

1) Collect contact names and emails of people who may be interested in working with us (so far we have representation from Cary Park, Southbridge, Weycroft, Amberly, Cameron Pond, others?)

2) Find out information about Glen Lang's political action committee for west Cary

3) Focus on the following projects:

- Mills Park Community center

- Panther Creek Greenway

- Cameron Pond Park

- Morris Branch Park

- Fest in the West

4) Identify people to help with the following areas:

- Developing a mission statement and goals - in process

- Creating a website/Facebook - in process 

- Creating a nonprofit

- Posting on NextDoor 

- Attending HOA meetings and getting information in the HOA notes

- Identifying Town Council meetings and Public Speaks Out

- Representing NW Cary on Town Committees - so far Cultural Arts, Greenways, Parks and Recreation, others?